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We are fundraising to build a project known as "The Whole Life Villages"​

The Whole Life Villages are a care concept for disabled children and their families to live, play, learn, work and be safe.

We are raising funds to design & build a care village comprising of Housing a respite centre, care home, cafe, restaurant, education hub, gardens and safe place to play and relax.


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what is pacs1?

PACS1 Syndrome is a very rare genetic condition caused by mutation of the PACS1 gene. It is not inherited from either parent (a “de novo” mutation) but it will be passed on to a patient’s child. As of 2019, there are now 100 cases that have been identified worldwide. Diagnosis is typically done using full genome or exome sequencing.

Both methods are expensive and not easily available. There are likely many more cases out there, that will eventually be reported as people learn about the condition, and testing becomes more affordable and available .In combination, this condition affects walking, talking, feeding, and learning skills. No impact on life expectancy has been found. Currently there is no single “cure”.

What is our goal?


Bring exposure

Our goal is to bring widespread exposure to PACS1, showcasing its importance and impact.


Run Events

We plan to organise a series of engaging events aimed at bringing significant exposure to PACS1 and raising awareness about its significance.


raise money

Our mission is to raise funds for the PACS1 charity, working towards the creation of a transformative "Whole Life Village" that will make a lasting impact on the lives of those we aim to support.


Roy Parrish, founder of Wacky Races, stands firmly in support of the PACS1 charity.

pacs1 charity

We set up a charity fund called PACS1 Research UK

 We are trying to raise money to start the research and possible cure of some kind. We are holding events all around the world but with only 50 children diagnosed we are a small group of parents trying to raise money.

Account name: PACS1 Research UK

charity number: 1173691

bank: hsbc

account number: 71715887

sort code 40-12-03