Wacky Races

w12 group

We’re thrilled to introduce one of our esteemed sponsors for the upcoming Wacky Races event: W12 Group. Their unwavering support for charitable endeavours, such as our PACS1 charity event, showcases their dedication to making a positive impact in the community.


Big thanks to W12 Group, another of our esteemed sponsors for the Wacky Races event. When it comes to maintenance and facility solutions, they’re the real deal. From one-off visits to comprehensive ongoing maintenance programs, they’ve consistently shown their adaptability and commitment to excellence across various properties and sites. And with their round-the-clock in-house help desk, they ensure peace of mind for all their clients.

Their support for our cause and event is a testament to their dedication not just to their work, but to the community at large. We’re truly grateful to have W12 Group on our side, helping us drive forward our mission for PACS1.